Program Coordinator
Wildlife and Range Ecologist/Business Development Expert
Over 25 years of experience in diverse domains including nature conservation, integrated rural development and enhancement of business development at grassroot level. Develops the strategic plan of the institution and coordinates all day-to-day operations.


Rev.Usate Abegitue

Facilitator of link between religion and conservation.
Over 15 years of experience. He develops and implements the program to promote the culture of stewardship of nature and ecosystem restoration; making this an ethical/spiritual practice in the daily lives of christians and non-christians in local communities.


Raisa Ngwenyi

Public Relations Officer
Systems Admin/ Multimedia Expert
Over 5 years of experience. In charge of developing all sensitisation programs and respective gadgets; coordinating community mobilisation activities.


Ndikefor Joseph

President of the Board of Trustees
Rural Development Expert/ Educational Administrator

Over 25 years of experience. Presides over all board meetings, and authenticates all proceedings. Leads the monitoring and evalauation team.


Mbuh Agnes

Accountant/Book keeper An Accountant by training

Over 15 years of experience. Conceives the financial management plan, monitors and records all financial transactions and prepares periodical financial reports.

Wirba Francis Kwalla

Agronomist/ Forestry Expert
Over 25 years of experience Leads the team of experts in charge of environmental evaluation, including studies on landscapes/ landuse systems to determine various degrees of degradation and respective ways of redressing any negative situations especially through afforestation, reforestation, agroforestry,etc.


Romanus Biche(on the left)


Over 15 years of experience. Develops the tree planting program for all communities beginning from training on different aspects of tree planting, creation and care of tree nurseries, outplanting and care of seedlings.


Ateyim Harry

Rural Engineer
Over 10 years of experience In charge of rural infrastructure.