Nature Concerns. Inc strives to move environmental issues from the arid level of academic and expert conferencing to the field of the everyday practice of the lives of communities involved in the struggle for production and sustainable development in our rural and urban areas. It seeks to support and empower people in building a more secure and equitable future through the rational management of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, and also to find solutions to social and environmental problems in the spirit of generosity and mutual respect.


To strive as much as possible to be updated as far as environmental diplomacy is concerned and to work hard in changing the mindsets of the grassroot population in Cameroon so that they best understand how environmental issues are evolving internationally and nationally and how these same issues impact on the daily lives; and how they can be best armed so as to derive as much benefits as possible and also the mechanisms through which they can contribute in influencing environmental concerns nationally and globally.


  • To study our environment and its varied and vulnerable ecosystems, identifying the factors which favour or impair sustainable development.
  • To carry out feasibility studies in the following domains: Forestry and agro-forestry, crop and livestock production, biodiversity, sustainable tourism, renewable energy, pollution abatement, water, waste management, environmental impact etc
  • To partake in the on-the-ground exceution of some of the projects after the feasibility studies in close collaboration with beneficiary populations and other stakeholders.
  • To propagate environmental awareness through the training of trainers and direct field action at grassroot level
  • To educate business people on the virtues of investing in environmental enterprise projects